how to choose powder coating gun

how to choose powder coating gun

Dear sirs, hello,
I am interested in buying a powder coating gun to start powder coating parts.
I will be coating wheels, brake calipers and car parts.
I need a kit that can change colours fast as i will be painting different colors.
What is the best for my application and what is the price of it?

Answer from COLO--Sally:

colo-660v is good choose for low  budget ,this is Economic models ,it with pulse function ,helpful when do the recoating these jobs compare with the other common powder coating machine ,it is sell very well ,and my user are do car rim ,wheels too ,from the feedbacks of clients it is satify them too .and it is box feed unit for fast colors changes.

Also colo-800V Hopperless Powder Coating Unit utilizes a sturdy vibratory table stand and motor to provide quick powder changes using your request  Intelligent control unit supply super quality of coating .But this is a larger packager and higher cost compare colo-610v model.

Also if you looking for best powder coating quality ,do not care much for the cost ,you can choose the colo-151V this is perfect powder coating system ,it can meet you all coating job needs.
For absolutely maximum turnaround efficiency, this unit takes in powder directly from
the shipping box. To change colors, just change boxes
Up to 20 coating programs can be stored in the OptiStar control unit,
which includes also 3 preset standard programs. They are perfectly confi gured
to coat fl at parts, complicated parts, recoat parts and can be easily selected via the display pilot.