Do you also supply powder coatings?

Do you also supply powder coatings?

There are more and more customer asking us if we also produce the powder coatings, because they always bought the powder coating machines from us. 

YES, exactly we have factory of electrotatic powder too, the mainly products is epoxy polyester powder. We already exported to the most of Southamerica like Peru, colombia, dominica y Guatemala, Chile, Bolivia, also Iran and Philippines. 

Thousands of powder coating colors and textures to including:

• Glossy, metallic, clears, flats, veins, hammer tones, candies, glitters, wrinkles, and more!

• Super durable and marine grade powders available

• Custom colors available at an additional charge Depending on the application, 

powders are available in polyester, epoxy, and hybrid formulations. Primers are available as needed.