powder coating line price

powder coating line price

If you want to buy  electrostatic powder spraying  line , provide these data we can recommend the most appropriate solution for you.

1, powder coating typical workpiece Name Size (length, width, height), the proportion, shape (see sketch):

2, If you have identified a hanging manner, the workpiece size of the largest comprehensive data to inform will hang after :( length, width, height)

3, the workpiece material (such as zinc iron, aluminum-based)

4, the workpiece need to spray parts of the coating film thickness:

5, the production line chain speed (min / m):

6, coating line plant shape, size and height

7, if the yield is small, Ihope the use of pipeline continuous spraying and baking methods, or separate baking spray and batch mode?

8, production line configuration and grade:
A, the highest possible degree of automation, looks to be beautiful on the grade, the device according to the highest requirements of configuration;
B, in quantity and quality to meet the requirements of the premise, device configuration as economical and practical;
C, the device configuration interface between the A, B.