choose curing oven by gas or oil or electirc?

choose curing oven by gas or oil or electirc?


You do not know how to build your curing oven? what is cheaper?  what are the costs?

We will answer your questions.

Electric heating curing oven uses heating elements heat, less investment disposable equipment, high degree of automation, simple structure, easy maintenance, the disadvantage is consuming large use. Heating with electricity as energy, cost a little high.

oil fuel heating curing oven :

heating curing oven rapid heating, the furnace temperature uniformity, consistency of good quality finished products.

 Disadvantages: 1. one-time investment is relatively large; 2, with the gradual increase in oil prices, the cost advantage compared with electricity becoming

Gas heating curing oven :In high-volume continuous industrial processes, gas curing oven in production costs than electric heating can save 60% ​​-70%, non-polluting, and the power supply system requirements are very low, generally the size of a curing oven just 3 to 5kw the power supply will be able to work

Gas powder coating oven  advantages: lower consumption costs, rapid heating, the furnace temperature uniformity, high degree of automation, environmental pollution, the quality of the finished product consistency well; both adaptation intermittent work, but also to adapt to continuous work; fuel choice or canned liquefied natural gas pipelines, natural gas cans

Disadvantages: one-time investment much higher than electric heating system