Operational principle of Mono cyclone

Fast change color Mono-cyclone system recycle spray booth

The powder from spray gun which not adhere on the workpieces will be blowed in to mono-cyclone separator(8) by airflow comes from draught fan (15). Under the action of centrirugal force, powder will be seperated, fall the bottom of mono cyclone, via the wriggle valve(6) tansport in to the powder sifter(5). After filtrating, powder recycle in the hopper (4)and cycle useing.

The micro powder which not be separated by mono cyclone will be sucked by airflow in filters, this part of airflow via airfilters (11)will turn into clean atmosphere, blowdown to the wokshop.

The air filter in the definite time interval will be clearned automaticment by the compress air from rotary wing(10), the mirco powder will fall into the powder collection hopper(9).

Clean the rotary wing, the lifting will fall down automatic, insure the result of clean up.

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