How to choose the suitable powder coating booth?

How to choose the suitable powder coating booth?

Which powder spray booth is right for me ?

when you choose a powder coating equipment for your business, keep in time these three point of advice :

1. Always buy a system large enough to paint which you want

2. Don't cut corner on your booth.

3. Always use a professional powder coating spray gun.

The bigger your powder coating systems is, the more business you can make

Before confirming your new equipment, please note these questions

1. How large is the largest part i will paint?

2. How many parts do i need to coat one day 8 hours?

3. How many colors will change in one day?

4. How much space do i need for new machine? If you only need to coat a few small parts every day (such as rim for your automotive, motorcycles and ATVS)we suggest you choose our manual powder spray booth by filters. we can supply the customer size as your requirement.

If you have a factory which you need to finish the high productions of the workpiece, obviously choose the automatic powder coating booth ,it recycle powder with mono cylone or multi cyclone.

Anyway , when you have any relations questions, we can give you more details reply by email.