Manual finishing application plant

Manual finishing application plant

A simple Manual finishing application plant include these mainly equipments:

1.Manual powder coating booth, generally are the small size spray booth, more or less from 1 meter to 4 meters with the cartridge filters, the benefit of this type is change color more easy and quick, and the complete boot ocuppy small space, easy to operation.

2.powder cure ovens, especially the batch curing oven with the similar or bigger size of the booth, it can be powered by electric or GAS, LPG, also easy to use. some times it can be made with 2 doors on the both end with the trolley through the oven. Generally these ovens longer under 6 meters. 

3.Manual coating systems. a complete the machines include the contron unit, spray gun,powder hopper and trolley which moving the any place which you want. If you need change more colors in one day, also you can choose the boxfeed model,that is to day vibratory with the original powder cartons.

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