powder recovery system types

powder recovery system types


Two Types of Recovery Systems

In order to capture overspray for reuse or
disposal, it must first be recovered.

Cartridge powder  Booth Systems

 Cartridge Filter Module is attached
to the side or bottom of the booth.
Cartridge booth filter the powder from
the air.

Cyclone powder booth  System

 Cyclone centrifugal force generated by
the cyclone air motion with gravity to
separate the powder particles from the
air stream.

Powder Coating Cartridge System
Cartridge systems use FILTERS to filter powder-laden air and capture 99.9% powder

Cyclone Booth Systems
Cyclones are “Separators” not filters. They separate powder particles from the air stream by use of centrifugal forces. Traditionally, cyclone efficiency ranges from 90% to 95%