COLO Tribo Spray Coating gun coming soon

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publisher: sonia
Time: 2016-05-16
Summary: Tribo spray coating gun is our new product.

Tribo spray coating gun is our new product.


1) No Faraday effect; deep crevices, corners and hollow spaces can be better penetrated2) Powder can be better directed by the use of directional finger sprayers and aerodynamics3) Less, if any, fat edges on the coated surface4) Uniform coating5) Very good automation possibilities6) No high voltage generator required7) Higher film builds possible without back-ionisation8) Higher productivity by closer arrangement of objects9) Better flow; practically no orange peel effectDisadvantages1) Performance is strongly influenced by uncontrolled air-streams2) Special powder is necessary; formulation must be adapted to the Tribo charging process3) Particles smaller than 10 microns are difficult to charge4) Powder deposition slower than for corona5) Colour changes take a long time6) Charging of particles takes more time and efficiency reduces during long runs7) Higher gun investment cost for equal capacity output8) More wear and so shorter life time of gun internals and other parts such as powder pump venturi inserts9) More precise specifications for the cleanliness and humidity of the compressed air10) Comprehensive training of the application personnel is recommended