Tunnel Powder Coating Booth COLO-2152
Tunnel Powder Coating Booth COLO-2152
Tunnel Powder Coating Booth COLO-2152
Tunnel Powder Coating Booth COLO-2152
Tunnel Powder Coating Booth COLO-2152

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Delivery Time
7-15 Working Days
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Tunnel Powder Coating Booth COLO-2152
The tunnel powder coating booth has side doors which can be open or closed for multi purpose application:
- Closing the side doors while spraying small parts will create a cleaner work condition and increase powder recovery. 
- Opening side doors allows to pass through larger parts, coating is done by moving the parts slowly through the track. 
Product Details
PLC Control 
Reliable and easy operation, the PLC panel allows users to stop and start fan motor, set working times of solenoid valves which controls the filter cleaning, also has powder collector lifting switch and emergency stop switch.
Cartridge Filters
Our powder coating booth uses highest quality filters made from 100% polyester, ensure high recycling rate of oversprayed powders and dustless working condition.      
The interchangeable filters are easy to replace when changing powder colors.  

Fan Motor
3.5kw centrifugal fan motor with strong extraction volume powerfully draw air through powder booth filter and ehaust the air back to the atmosphere free of powder particulars.
Removable Hopper
A removable powder hopper at booth bottom simplifies the utilization of recovery powders.
Filtered powder is discharged into a hopper beneath the unit which can be taken away for emptying and recycling.
Solenoid Valve
Control the pulse-jet cleaning of each filter. The filters are intervally cleaned by releasing accumulated powders controlled via solenoid valve, which extends the filters' lifespans.
Product Parameters
Manual Powder Coating Booth
Operating Dimensions
Width1400 * Depth1000 * Height1800mm
Overall dimensions
Width2500 * Depth1500 * Height2300mm
Power Supply
220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ
Fan Power
Cartridge Filter
3 pcs, Quick-release Type, Polyester Material
Filter Cleaning
Air Consumption
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