Electric Powder Paint Curing Oven COLO-1732
Electric Powder Paint Curing Oven COLO-1732
Electric Powder Paint Curing Oven COLO-1732
Electric Powder Paint Curing Oven COLO-1732
Electric Powder Paint Curing Oven COLO-1732

Item specifics

Delivery Time
7-15 Working Days
By Sea
Metal Finishing Industry



Electric Powder Paint Curing Oven COLO-1732
The 3 meter depth powder paint oven allows a big batch of small workparts gets curing process after electrostatic spraying, as well as accommodates medium-to-big shape workparts such as furniture cabinets, metal doors, aluminium frames. 
Electric heated source curing oven is clean for workparts and friendly to environment. Always maintain the required temperature with uniform heat distribution, ensures optimal curing circles.
Product Details
PLC Controller
All parameters and functions are set on PLC panel, provides a high precision heating process, such as accurately setting desired temperature & heating time, control the circulation fan. The controller also equipped with audible and visual alarms keys ensures safety operating environment.
Circulation Fan
A powerful 0.75kw circulation fan cycles hot airs in the chamber, minimize temperature difference and guarantee uniform-heated chamber, in order to make parts cure with a quality finish with even gloss and consistent color.
Powder Coating Oven Trolley
Standardly equipped with two manual trolleys, an inexpensive solution for transporting heavy workparts by using less force. One internal trolley only move in the chamber of oven across the hall that does not pullete the furnace. The external trolley load the internal trolley for outside transportation.
Powder Coating Oven Material
Interlayer is 100mm thickness rock wool board, maximize the effect of heat preservation.
Inner wall is 1mm heat-resisting galvanized steel.
Outer wall is anti-rust color steel, durable and long lifespan.
Product Parameters
Working Dimension (mm)
1650width x 3200 depth x 1700 height
Overall Dimension (mm)
1950 width x 2100 height x 3500 depth
Power supply
Power supply
Warm-up Time
15-30min (180°C)
Temperature stability
< ± 3-5°C
Temperature max.
Circulation/ Air flow
Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Ventilation performance
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