Big Powder Coating Spray Booth COLO-3217
Big Powder Coating Spray Booth COLO-3217
Big Powder Coating Spray Booth COLO-3217
Big Powder Coating Spray Booth COLO-3217
Big Powder Coating Spray Booth COLO-3217

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Delivery Time
7-15 Working Days
By Sea
Metal Finishing Industry



Big Powder Coating Spray Booth COLO-3217
COLO-3217 Big powder spray booth has the flexibility of movement based on part size and shape for highest-possible transfer efficiency. Normally hang small lightweight parts on the overhead rack, while bulky heavy parts can be directly rolled into the cabin, operators walk in the booth and coat the parts roundly, meticulous manual operation ensures superior painting effect. 
Product Details
PLC Control 
Reliable and easy operation, the PLC panel allows users to stop and start fan motor, set working times of solenoid valves which controls the filter cleaning, also has powder collector lifting switch and emergency stop switch.
Cartridge Filters
Our powder coating booth uses highest quality filters made from 100% polyester, ensure high recycling rate of oversprayed powders and dustless working condition.      
The interchangeable filters are easy to replace when changing powder colors.  

Fan Motor
3.5kw centrifugal fan motor with strong extraction volume from 6000Nm3/h to 13000 Nm3/h, powerfully draw air through powder booth filter and ehaust the air back to the atmosphere free of powder particulars.
Rail, Hangers, Lights
With overhead rail and hanger to conveniently hang the work parts. Also has pcs of light help powder coater do the job perfectly, clear observation reduce the powder coating defects.    
Product Parameters
Manual Powder Coating Booth
Operating Dimensions
Width3000 * Depth1700 * Height2000mm
Overall dimensions
Width3080 * Depth2200 * Height2080mm
Power Supply
220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ
Fan Power
Cartridge Filter
5pcs, Quick-release Type, Polyester Material
Filter Cleaning
Air Consumption
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