Fast Color Changing Powder coating Booth
Fast Color Changing Powder coating Booth

Item specifics

electrostatic painting
Recycle type
multi cyclone
Delivery time
30 days



Fast color Change Automatic powder coating booth with the recovery system
Complete set Included

Automatic Booth Body 
Material 1: PP Material 
Material 2. stainless steel

Multi Cyclone recovery system
9 pcs or 12 pcs Cyclones

Second Recovery filtration.
Filters and Rotary  win blow system with less noize

Air FAN Motor 

1. Spray booth body:
   The light-colored spray booth and integrated lighting ensure excellent working conditions, worker can enter the spray booth, and The extended air blowpipe can be used to easily clean the interior of the spray booth.
Single separation rate up to 98%.  Can save powder.
2. With self-cleaning function and high separation efficiency for multi- cyclone + after filter Secondary recovery system
3.Flap and air knife cleaning system; there is almost no powder retention at the bottom of the spray booth
4.Using high-quality long-life nano-coated filter element, the filter surface can last for 10 years, can capture dust of more than 0.1 micron, without wasting a little powder, and the filtered air becomes clean air, which can be directly circulated inside the plant.
5. Multi-Cyclone:
The optimized Multi-Cyclone size ensures a high powder separation rate when the color change usually. And only need simply blows the cone in the booth. suitable for factory height is under than 6meters.

Powder collect on the bottom of the multi cyclone.Automatic booths system