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Update Time 2019-01-11
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ApplicaitonPowder coating
Gun typecorona
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OptiFlex 1 GM02 spare parts for GM02 manual and automatic guns.

Cleaning the OptiSelect manual powder gun
Frequent cleaning of the gun serves to guarantee the quality of the coat-
Before cleaning the powder gun, switch off its control unit. The
compressed air used for cleaning must be free from oil and water!
1.   Blow off the outside of the gun and wipe clean etc.
2.   Remove powder hose from connector
3.   Remove the spray nozzle from the gun and clean it with com-
pressed air
4.   Blow through the gun with compressed air, beginning from the 
connection in flow direction 
5.   Clean the integrated gun tube with the supplied brush, if neces-
6.   Blow through the gun again with compressed air
7.   Clean the powder hose
8.   Reassemble the gun and connect it 

Cleaning the spray nozzles
Daily or after every shift
- Clean the inside and outside of the spray nozzle with
compressed air.
Never immerse the parts in solvents!
- Check the seating of the spray nozzles.
Make sure that the threaded sleeve is always tightened 
well. If the spray nozzle is not completely tight, the dan-
ger exists, that the high voltage of the gun can flash 
over, which can lead to damage to the powder gun!
- Remove the spray nozzles and clean inside with com-
pressed air. If sintering should have formed, then this is 
to be removed!
- Check the spray nozzles for wear
The flat jet nozzle is to be replaced, if:
- the spray pattern is no longer a regular oval
- deeper grooves in the nozzle slot or even the wall thick-
ness is no longer visible
- the wedge of the electrode holder is worn down
Nozzles with deflectors:
- if the wedge of the electrode holder is worn down, then
the electrode holder is to be replaced
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