Grounded Powder Hose (10mm) 1001 673
Grounded Powder Hose (10mm) 1001 673
colo-powder hose

Item specifics

Model NO
1001 673
Electrostatic Spraying Equipment
Hardware Spraying Equipment
Hose Size



A rollo of 60meters 

his fine powder is in an electrically charged condition , which is generated by internal friction of the rough inner surface of the tube during conveyance. Those high static charges may not reach for safety purposes to man or machine due to explosion risk at appropriate powder-air mixture exists.

1. Abrasion resistant Hose material
2. Conductive Hose material, accommodating the static charges
3. Two strands, which act as a lightning rod and 100% grounded.
The result is the heart of each powder coating beat: The shark skinlike
core of the hose ensures a homogeneous powder feed.

Unique optimization:
To combine the properties of these three components in a product, one needs a special extrusion machine. The EXITFLEX powder hose has been tested extensively and has proven itself 100 times.
After long-term trials led optimizations to an optimal powder output and high wear resistance。

When powder paints are carried by air flow, electrostatic charging occurs. Normally this charge is taken away by earthing. With plastic powder hoses this is not possible. To alleviate this situation the new powder hose has an electrically conductive carbon strip, which dissipates the frictional charge. The grounded powder hose is earthed though an earthing contact on the outside or the inside e.g.

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