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how to choose a powder coating machine

How to choose a powder coating machine ?

high-performance powder coating equipment should have the following:
1, the powder flow, powder spray evenly, adjustable output of powders
2, the excellent effect of the powder charge, there is a very significant electrostatic adsorption capacity,the powder is sprayed onto the workpiece is sucked up by electrostatic attraction force, and not stacked up, the powder is sprayed onto the workpiece by a vibration or wind limit
not a lot of blowing off.
3, on the cornesr of parts of the workpiece should deliver excellent finishing; This performance is one of the most important performance for a good powder coating machine, because even seemingly simple piece also likely to exist a few more difficult coaitng position.
4, high extraction rate, a high rate of a powder of powder equivalent to the high efficiency, thereby reducing the production cost of the material l. 
5, good metal powder coating capabilities; because in recent years there have been a variety of artisticeffects on the market, many are mixed with metal powder, known as metal powders
6, suitable for work long hours;powder coating machine should be work no problem above 12 hours at least

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