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Electrostatic spraying process advantages compared with the traditional painting is evident, its role in environmental protection is far more than the traditional process, due to the development of the technology in  a short time, so the majority of users know it's not much, For the choice of the gun is also prone to error.
Select the  electrostatic powder gun what you need to pay attention ?
The gun voltage it is not the first choice of gun, voltage as high as possible??, electrostatic voltage is too high, likely to cause ignition gunpoint, so easy to damage the surface of the workpiece

Secondly, the workpiece n be simple  powder gun can be choose  cheap gun? because of poor performance on the state of the powder gun control is not good enough, not enough uniformity, good electrostatic powder spray gun to accelerate the utilization of improved work efficiency, thus effectively control of costs.

Finally,  large amount of gun powder  output it is good gun ?. Gun flour excessive, will certainly affect the uniformity of the powder, causing the workpiece surface coating thickness is inconsistent.
These matters are of electrostatic spray gun of choice in the need to pay attention, good performance spray gun can not only save costs, but also to improve the efficiency of work.

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