COLO powder coating machine

How to import COLO machines from China?
How to import COLO machines from China?

We get more and more enquiries from South America countries, such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Domonica...
Some times they are just send some emails to ask our products, but no news any more. We think maybe they feel it is impossible or so difficult purchase something from China. In fact it is more easlier than you thonght.

For example, If you want to buy just only some sprae parts or small powder coating machines, or spray guns. after we got payment we can send them buy International EXPRESS service such as DHL , FEDEX, TNT, UPS...they offer the good service up to your door. Of course some times their office need some documents, that is we can supply you via email.

Also if you want to import more quantities , you can choose shipping by sea. Similar when we delivery them we will send you some documents for clear custom overthere in your country. Generally speaking, from China port NINGBO or SHANGHAI to Peru, Mexico need 25 days more or less.

About the payment, we accept bank transfer, western union, and Paypal. We have many clients in the above countries. COLO be your worthy!

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