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What is rate of powder coating spraying?

What is rate of powder coating spraying?

Rate of spray coat the powder coating that is to say how many powder coating adsorb to the workpieces by electrostatic painting of the all of the powder coating, that is to say efficiency of deposition. The efficiency of deposition is higher, recycle of powder is lower.

Rate of powder coating spraying relations with the type of spray gun, tecnological parameter, shape of workpieces and method of painting. Whey we say the powder coating, we can not ignore  the one time rate of coating, the good spray gun one time coating rate up to 80%, then we only consider recycle of the 20% powder coating.

Many company and customer only noticed the maximo coating powder , in fact the enlarge the compress air and pressure, then increase the coating powder . But the question is if the high voltage can supply the electric to so many powder or not?. The powder spray gun from different factory , with different quality.

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