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Curing temperature, time and coating effect of Powder Coatings
Powder paint itself is only a semi-finished product. It is only after spraying and curing that it becomes the final product. 
Consumers only pay attention to the effect and quality of the coating, that is to say, the use of powder paint is as important as the production of powder paint. If the powder is of low quality, the spraying equipment is better, the pretreatment  is more meticulous, and the coating process is strict, the high-quality products will not be produced; however the powder is good quality, the spraying equipment, the process and the pretreatment has problems, there will no high-quality products. 
The reality is that most of the attention of coating users is focused on the powder coating product itself, with quality problems only looking for problems on the powder, but if pay not enough attention and research on the coating construction technology. As a result, a large number of coating products can not achieve the desired results.

Each kind of powder coating has its own curing characteristic curve, which can be cured completely within a certain temperature  and time range. In order to improve efficiency, reduce cost and violate rules, it is not advisable to shorten curing time. 
If the curing temperature or time is not enough, the curing will be incomplete, the due properties will not be able to play out,  its physical properties will be greatly reduced, and the chemical resistance will not be good, decorative, anticorrosive,
 Weather resistance is not as good as expected. Some coatings cured at low temperature, even if they are completely cured, there is no better performance than those after high temperature solidification. In particular, some workpieces formed after curing will form small cracks in stamping and bending. The water will penetrate along the cracks and corrode the substrate quickly, and we can see the outdoor traffic barriers, and soon after they are put into use, there will be rust marks at the corner of the intersection. 
This is directly related to baking temperature and time and bending after spraying.

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