COLO powder coating machine

Electrostatic spray operation process
Electrostatic spray operation process

(1) Check and clear each powder supply line and spray gun before painting. (When cleaning the spray gun, make sure that line is in good contact with the nozzle and the powder supply line is clear of the nozzle). And clean the powder spray booth and powder tank.

(2) Close the power switch, turn on the electrostatic power, and turn on the powder and fan. Turn on compressed air. (The ground wire is normal).

(3) Turn on the Electrostatic generator switch and check if the parts are working properly. Adjust the voltage to the specified process value, and then the gun is opened for powdering and spraying. During the painting,adjust the spray gun and powder output according to the workpiece. 
(The distance between the spray gun head and the workpiece is less than 150mm) to ensure the quality of the coating film. 

Safe operation.
(4) Dusting operators must hold the gun in the bare hand (if necessary, gloves must be cut in the palm of the hand.) This ensures direct skin and metal contact.

(5) After the operation, check the equipment, turn off the electricity and air supply, hang the spray gun, and clean the powder Spray room. 

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