Manual batch powder painting booth
Manual batch powder painting booth
Manual batch powder painting booth
Manual batch powder painting booth

Item specifics

Electrostatic powdr coating
Delivery time
15 days



HICOLO professional make powder coating and spray booths.

Efficient and space saving solutions

this new powder coating booth with PLC controller,could control the powder coating booth more accurate.we could provide you  the powder coating  booth that will fit your needs. the powder coating spray booth fans draw air through filters . as the cartridge filters load,air flow decreases and the negative pressure rises within the air handler. a timer activates a system of air purging valves that clear the cartridge filters of the accumulated powder to ensure max filter life.

Durable, long-life powder-coated steel structure with high-quality galvanized canopy and floor

Low-profile booth base eliminates operator platforms

Requires only quick, easy connect electrical and pnematics to start production

Smooth inner surface easy clean

Operator dimensions: 2300x 1700x1500mm

Overall dimensions: 2550x 2240x 2140mm


Power suppl : electric

Nominal power: 3.5KW

Voltage: 380V

Frequeny : 50-60hz

Filter: 4 pcs polyester , easy for change

Filter cleaning system: Pneumatic

This pulse manual electrostatic Powder coating machine can coat all kinds of shapes.


Electrical data
Mains input voltage 100-240 VAC
Operating frequency 50-60 Hz
Input power 50W
Nominal output voltage (to the gun) max. 12 V
Nominal output current (to the gun) max. 1 A
Ambient temperature range 0°C - +40°C (+32°F - +104°F)
Max. operating temperature 85°C (+185°F)
Approvals CE
Pneumatical data
Compressed air connection 1/4" male quick release
Max. input pressure 10 bar / 145 psi
Min. input pressure (while unit in operation) 6 bar / 87 psi
Max. water vapor content of the compressed air 1.3 g/m³
Max. oil vapor content of the compressed air 0.1 mg/m³
Packing Dimensions
Length 69 CM
Width 56 CM
Height 52 CM
Weight approx. 35kgs 

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