COLO powder coating machine

Manual powder coating systems CL-668

Group Hopper Powder coating Set
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T, Western Union
Update Time 2019-10-14
Item specifics
Spray methodElectrostatic Powder coating
Type of gunCorona
Delivery time5 days

POWDER SPRAY SYSTEM COLO-668 do nice working for 

This is heart of the powder paint shop, Normally an electrostatic powder spray system is usted, this sprays electrostatically charged powder into the spray booth where the articles to be coated are hung. Electrostatic forces provide a uniform and
consistent coating quality.

Powder coating machine CL-668 is our new product ,with good function for better working.

Operations very convenient, and have function of one key to control and choose the models.

*Blind angle model
*Respray model
*Pulse model
*Plate model

This model apply the more easy spray method
Combine digital and electric analogue
Perfect result of coating, best control system
Based on COLO tecnology , realize the high performance and efficiency
Updated the actually powder coating machines
Form a uniform thickness and higher quality
Amazing adhesion , reduce the powder using

Weight of Gun :460g(16.2oz.)
Length of Gun: 340mm(1.1ft.)
Power Source: AC220V/110V
Power Consumption:30W
Voltage Output:100kV
Max. Current Output:180㎂
Polarity: Negative
Max. Injection Capacity: 650g(22.9oz.)/Min
Air Consumption: MAX. 13N㎥/h
Temperature Rage in use-10~50℃(-14~22℉)