COLO powder coating machine

COLO Manual powder coating systems

Group Hopper Powder coating Set
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T, Western Union, paypal
Update Time 2020-04-27
Item specifics
Powder coating equipmentmanual
Voltage:100-240 VAC
powder hopper50L
CL-181S offers 3 pre set standard application programs for flat parts, profiles and recoating based on COLO more than 15 years experience.
Allows you to create and store your own application programs, optimized for your parts and powder. Each part can be coated always with its ideal settings for experience operator. 

A clear and easy to use interface makes it easy for every user to take advantage of these powderful technologies.

Clear interface

Easy for beginners

Powderful for Specialists. 

Electrical data 
Mains input voltage  100-240 VAC
Operating frequency  50-60 Hz
Input power 50W
Nominal output voltage (to the gun)  max. 16 V
Nominal output current (to the gun)  max. 1 A
Ambient temperature range  0°C - +40°C (+32°F - +104°F)
Approvals  CE
Pneumatical data 
Max. input pressure  10 bar / 145 psi
Min. input pressure (while unit in operation)  6 bar / 87 psi
Max. water vapor content of the compressed air 1.3 g/m³
Max. oil vapor content of the compressed air  0.1 mg/m³