COLO powder coating machine

COLO-S-TP2000 Cardboard Filter Paint Spray Booth

Group Liquid Painting Systems
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-08-15
Item specifics
COLO-S-TP2000 Cardboard Filter Paint Spray Booth
spray booth is an enclosed workstation designed for the spray paint overspray, The system filters overspray using a paint arrestance prefilter to protect operators. Common applications included .spray painting.
Specification of Paint Spray Booth
Cabinet System
Wallboard is made by steel sheet powder coated
Exhaust Air System
1x1.5kw pipe explosion-proof axial flow fan for exhaust air.
Control System
Power switch,emergency switch, light switch,fan switch
Filter System
Paper filter,glass wool filter
Spray Paint Booth Main Features
Lower operating and maintenance costs than water filtration systems

Lower initial booth capital equipment costs and installation as compared to a water wash booth

Ease of operation as compared to a water wash booth

Reclaim systems are available to recycle powder coating finish, for example

All can result in a significant impact on the profitability of the production environment.. 

The booth by drawing paint overspray back into the backdraft hood then exhausts airborne mist  into the outside atmosphere through an exhaust stack. The benchtop systems are available in custom dimensions and can be outfitted with various options. Common accessories include vapor proof light kits, non-sparking explosion-proof motors, height adjustable work tables and electrical outlets.
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