Small sample powder coating applications

Group Lab Powder Coating gun
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T, Western Union, paypal
Update Time 2019-01-09
Item specifics
Voltage110v or 220v
Usepowder coating testing
Type of spray guncorona
Delivery time2 days

small powder coating system for hobby or small coating job.

1. Turn on the gun control unit
2. Press the desired application key (Preset or Program Mode)
on the control unit (see gun control unit operating instructions)
3. Pick the gun up and point it at a grounded object, at a distance
of approx. 20 cm
4. Press the powder gun trigger
- The display for current and high voltage on the control
unit shows the actual value

Cleaning the manual powder gun
Frequent cleaning of the gun serves to guarantee the quality of the coating.
Before cleaning the powder gun, switch off its control unit. The
compressed air used for cleaning must be free from oil and water!
1. Blow off the outside of the gun and wipe clean etc.
2. Remove powder hose from connector
3. Remove the spray nozzle from the gun and clean it with compressed
4. Blow through the gun with compressed air, beginning from the
connection in flow direction

5. Clean the integrated gun tube with the supplied brush, if necessary
6. Blow through the gun again with compressed air
7. Clean the powder hose
8. Reassemble the gun and connect it