2 Axes Long Stroke reciprocator
2 Axes Long Stroke reciprocator

Item specifics

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Automatic Reciprocator

The programmable two dimensional and three-dimensional intelligent controllable reciprocator is specially designed to improve the working efficiency and coating quality. The eqiupment can meet the highest requirement of coating quality, as the ideal product for improving surface finishing coating position.

Features and advantages

Stroke can be adjusted in the controller, each part can be arbitrarily set in the travel range of the upper and lower limited position, while the speed can be set in a certain range.

The speed of vertical direction in X-axis can be segment adjustable, vertical speed up to 78m/min (the data can be customized based on customer needs)

The maximum speed of fore-and-aft direction in Z-axis is 10m/min (the data can be customized based on customer needs), adjustable within motion stroke range, there is a corresponding motion control according to the detection of part position signal.

If reciprocator position changed, Z-axis direction would move to Y-axis direction (Moving with the production line)