Automatic Tumble Blasting Machine for sale
Automatic Tumble Blasting Machine for sale

Item specifics

Carbin size
1000mm * 800mm * 800mm



Tumble blast machine is an automatic blasting system especially for operating small or medium sized parts in large quantities, it is also a kind of mass finishing. It has excellent advantages of: replace hand operation greatly saving manpower to achieve high output; creates more even and uniform surface after blasting, abrasives can touch awkward corner and holes.

The tumble blast machine is an humanzied environmental-friendly blasting equipment, whose enclosed good-sealing working cabinet isolates any splash and noice. With a  cartridge filter dust collector, it ensures only clean and dustfree air discharged to the atmosphere, and leaving the working cabinet a clear view, as well as increasing the the recyling of pure abrasives.

Turnble blast machine

Tumble Sandblasting Machine Features
1. The tumble blasting machine can be automatic or manual sandblasting, a multi-purpose machine;
2. The size of the rotary basket, the number of blasting guns can be designed according to user requirements,
4. The standard configuration of tumble blasting machine is 2 sets of guns, a set of blowing with pneumatic adjustment.
5. Each blasting gun can be individually controlled, the user can choose single gun or multi-gun work according to the quanlity of parts
6. The rotary basket is 360 degrees automatic rotation for entire workpiece sandblasting, basket speed is variable frequency controlled.
7. The main components of the tumble blast machine use high-quality imported parts, less wearing parts, long service life. 
8. Based on the user's product material, anti-static device configuration, can improve product blasting surface uniformity