Rotary Table Automatic Sand Blasting Machine
Rotary Table Automatic Sand Blasting Machine

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Rotary Table Automatic Sand Blasting Machine
This rotary indexing sand blasting machine is fitted with an indexing turntable that has 8 evenly spaced small revolving stations, presenting workparts in front of blast gun for automatic processing. It achieves batch production with consistent quality.
Rotary Table Automatic Sandblasting Features
1 The blast guns can be set for fixed blasting or swinging blasting with adjustable speed and angle.

2 Small working turtables drives through an independent motor, stepless speed regulation by converter

3 Blasting time, blasting distance all can be adjusted to optimize finishing effect.

4. High automation and accuracy task controlled by PLC system, guarantee the balanced uniform blasting effect, as well as safe production

5. Specially fixtures can be customized for quick and solid clipping to improve efficiency.

6. Equipped with Independent cyclone to separate abrasives from dust for recycling, while dusts are collected in the filter to prevents air pollution.