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How to choose the suitable powder coating booth?

Which powder spray booth is right for me ?when you choose a powder coating equipment for your business, keep in time these three point of advice :1. Always buy a system large enough to paint which you want2. Don't cut corner on your booth.3. Always use a professional powder coating spray gun.The bigger your powder coating systems is, the more business you can makeBefore confirming your new equipment, please note these questions1. How large is the largest part i will paint?2. How many parts do i need to coat one day 8 hours?3. How many colors will change in one day?4. How much space do i need for new machine? If you only need to coat a few small parts every day (such as rim for your automotive, motorcycles and ATVS)we suggest you choose our manual powder spray booth by filters. we can supply the customer size as your requirement.If you have a factory which you need to finish the high productions of the workpiece, obviously choose the automatic powder coating booth ,it recycle powder with mono cylone or multi cyclone.Anyway , when you have any relations questions, we can give you more details reply by email.

Type of powder coating spray booth

How to distinguish the Powder spray booth ?Generally , according to working type, there are manual powder spray booth and automatic powder coating booth.according to the type of powder recycle systems, there are spray booth by filters cartridges ,spary booth coating with multicyclone and monocyclone.1. Powder spray booth basic by filtersThis type is usually manual spray coating and not big production, change color is very easy and fast. sometimes, there is a two class recycle , it is worked by filters with revolving wing, increse the effect.  2. Powder spray booth with multi cycloneIt include 6 or 9 air hose, it reach 98% powder recycle rate, 3. Powder spray booth with mono cyclone, after filters recycle again. 

What is spray booth composed?

Electrostatic painting equipment include:spray booth, high voltage static electricity generator,electrotatic spray gun, powder supply center, powder recycle systems .1. Spray booth roomPowder spray booth is one of the main equipments of the electrostatic powder coating. To maintain a smooth flow of air is a clean room for the operation of the operator to provide a clean working environment. Control the dust content in the spray room, making it less than the explosion limit. Outside, the spray room to be cleaned, so that the powder is not easy to deposit in the interior, in order to change the color of the powder, indoor need to have enough light, so that facilitate the work carried out.2. Electrostatic spray gunType: manual powder spray gun, and automatic powder gun. according to the working principle there are tribo spray gun and corona spray gun. At present in the market , corona spray gun take a great part, because there is a best point of using electrostatic corona gun can coating all of thermosetting powder, and can get very good results. Its advantage performance in good stability, coating rate and velocty of painting.3. Powder supply systemsPowder supply systems is transfer the powder from the powder container to the spray gun for painting.This systems in composed by air compression engine, oily water separator, air dryer,control valve,compress air channel,powder supplier and powder hose. 4. Powder recycle systemsReclaim powder include two methods, wet-type and dry-type.Here we only say the one is dry-type. That is to say use the air flow make thw powder collection and settle, inertia separate, cyclone separate.

Operational principle of Mono cyclone

how to choose a powder coating machine

How to choose a powder coating machine ?high-performance powder coating equipment should have the following: 1, the powder flow, powder spray evenly, adjustable output of powders 2, the excellent effect of the powder charge, there is a very significant electrostatic adsorption capacity,the powder is sprayed onto the workpiece is sucked up by electrostatic attraction force, and not stacked up, the powder is sprayed onto the workpiece by a vibration or wind limit not a lot of blowing off. 3, on the cornesr of parts of the workpiece should deliver excellent finishing; This performance is one of the most important performance for a good powder coating machine, because even seemingly simple piece also likely to exist a few more difficult coaitng position. 4, high extraction rate, a high rate of a powder of powder equivalent to the high efficiency, thereby reducing the production cost of the material l.  5, good metal powder coating capabilities; because in recent years there have been a variety of artisticeffects on the market, many are mixed with metal powder, known as metal powders6, suitable for work long hours;powder coating machine should be work no problem above 12 hours at least

Powder Recovery system

                                    The function of a powder recovery system is to collect the overspray material and render it suitable for recycling and at the same time to remove the powder particles from the exhaust air stream before discharge into the atmosphere There are two types of collectors:Cyclone collectors Cartridge collectors (there are more designs of collection systems which use these two principles).Cyclone collectorsThe input to the cyclone is connected to the booth while the output is connected to a suitable exhaust fan.  The overspray powder arrives at the cyclone inlet at a velocity of about 20 metres per second.On entering the cyclone chamber tangentially the air/powder mixture is given a rotary motion which creates a centrifugal force on the particles.  The larger and heavier particles tend to be ejected to the outside walls of the chamber and fall to the bottom where they are collected.  The lighter fractions will stay suspended in the air stream which on reaching the bottom is deflected by a conical tail air/powder mix into a rising spiral which is then carried through the central stack to a filter collector.For a standard powder the recovery efficiency can be as high as 95%.  For lines that have a high % of particles Despite these limitations cyclones are popular for powder recovery, especially if colour changes are involved, as cleaning is comparatively easy compared with cartridge filters.  Also in automated systems at high throughput rates, cyclones enable oversprayed material to be collected continuously at the required speed.An additional advantage of cyclone recovery, with particular reference to colour change, is that due to frictional contact of powder particles, one with another and ‘bounce-back’, little or no adherence of powder particles occurs on the cyclone wall.  This means that in many cases only the powder collection hopper need be thoroughly cleaned between colour changes.  In many cyclones cones are removable and substitutes can be made as required if spares are held in stock.  The contaminated cone can then be cleaned while the replacement is in operation.The recovered powder is removed from the cyclone by means of a rotary valve and is then passed through a sieve to remove any agglomerates and foreign matter.  The recovered powder is then blended with the virgin material in predetermined proportions.As cyclone efficiency depends on maintaining a high particle size velocity through the cyclone, the cartridge filter following the cyclone must be designed to maintain the stability of the required velocity throughout the system.The filter media should permit easy and frequent cleaning.  The fabric filters which historically were used collected powder on the inside of the bag which does not fit with high production requirements as the bags have to be periodically cleaned down.A superior method is to arrange a series of cartridge filters within a metal enclosure so that the powder collects on the outside of the filters and are then cleaned by a reverse compressed air flow which operates about every 30 seconds to provide an air counter current to the powder air flow.  The total resistance of this multi cartridge system can be balanced with that of the cyclone so that the cyclone efficiency can be maintained.Cartridge filtersIn this technique the overspray powder from the application booth arrives at an enclosure containing a number of cartridge filters.Typical filter materials:Paper cartridges Scinter lamellar (plastic) Polyester cloth. The cartridge filters separate the powder from air by causing the powder/air mix to pass from the outside of the cartridge to the inside through a layer of filter material which retains the powder and allows the air to permeate through and on to the atmosphere.As filtering continues the retained powder accumulates on the upstream side of the cartridge and forms a powder layer which, being permeable to air flow, increases filtration efficiency albeit at the expense of increased resistance to air flow.  This powder layer must be continuously removed to control filter resistance.  The retained powder particles are periodically removed from the outside of the filters by reverse air jet blowing.  The high speed, high-pressure reversing jets operate for less than 0.2 seconds at 30 second intervals and, because they are applied to only part of the filter for a brief dwell time, they have no practical effect on the main air flow, thus giving a continuous filtration characteristic.The powder particles released from the cartridge filter then drop into a hopper to be sieved and returned to the system.Cartridge filters are extremely effective being up to 99% efficient.  The degree of efficiency depends on the type of filter employed and the regularity of its cleaning.Attached to the material discharge of either cyclone or cartridge filter recovery system must be a dust tight seal, ie. a rotary valve, with which the reclaimed powder can be metered after passing through an inline sieve into the virgin material. 

How cyclone powder booth working

WORKING OF CYCLONE. The Hyper Cyclone (one or more) represent the powder overspray recovery system of the powder coating booth (the spray section). The work-pieces, duly jigged are hung on the jigholder in the coating booth (manually or pass on a conveyor line) and sprayed with powder.A specially designed low-pressure, high capacity air extraction fan sucks air and the powder overspray through the coating booth, through the ducts to the Hyper Cyclone recovery system. Hyper Cyclones have a critical design factor as they are designed and built to work specifically for powder coatings and the normal particle size distribution associated with powder coatings.The HC entry is such that the powder particles are forced in a cyclonic pattern through the side near the top in the cylinder of the Cyclone. As these powder particles spin round the cylinder in their specific pattern, they descend due to gravity. Horizontal and vertical forcemix on the powder particles ensures that they drop down into the powder bin below the conical part of the cyclone. Virtually clean air is sucked out through the central outlet in the top of the cyclone. More than 95% (often as high as 98-99%) of the powder particles get collected in the powder bin.Powder particles, referred to as ‘fines’ (very low weight and sized particles) where the horizontal cyclonic and vertical gravitational force-mix do not match also get sucked out with the air. These remaining powder particles are trapped in the after-filters, allowing virtually clean air back to the shop-floor atmosphere.