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What should be considered when purchase the electrostatic powder coating equipment?

1. The performance of equipmentIn terms of electrostatic spray equipment is mainly on the extraction rate, the powder capability, processing capacity of complex parts. This indicator is difficult to make sense of the initial contact with friends. We must be careful to understand, carefully compare (COLO spraying test can refer to the relevant workpiece: several typical hard spray workpiece electrostatic spraying).The performance of different manufacturers of similar products will always have a large gap (Our COLO-800D is a high performance static current representative spray machines). Spray gun can’t rely on the performance of how to ask the relevant parameters such as electrostatic voltage, charge current, etc. to understand. The user is unable to verify these parameters, which is also tend to be false, and therefore must be judged by obvious special jobs spray test discriminated.2. The stability of the equipment qualityThe working environment of industrial processing equipment is worse than home appliances, and sometimes poor environment. And often work long time continuous non-stop, so the stability of the equipment is very important.3. Technical service and after-sales service.Many customers need to have extensive experience in the production of the guidance of technical experts so as to be able to successfully master electrostatic powder spraying(electrostatic spray technology) , and general equipment sales can’t meet this requirement, only probably teach customers to use.

How is the effect to move the powder in the Tank?

I received the tanks, but I dont know how is te pneumatic connection, How is the effect to move the powder?Here we show the picture for you understanding.Use the tube contact the bottom of Tank with fluidization button of the back of Control unit.

How to get the correct plug for the machines?

When we got the confirmation of order with client, we also need to know the plug and voltage for the machines, because for every country  even in the different place of one country there are not the same. so please let us know exactly the one which you need, avoid the mistake.

Why choose corona spray gun?

The advantage of the corona spray gun: Apply to more widerange, use the different type of spay gun with electrization, to satisfy differnt sharp and size of the workpieces. For example:plate, box and pipe , almost all type of powder can be used with corana spray gun, have strong applicability of powder.Easily control the thickness of coating film, and easy to realize automatic powder coating line.One time coating rate is more higher than tribo gun.The falling powder can be recovered.The corona spray gun more suitable for fridge, aircondition and washing machine, platford also LPG bottle which have big surface workpiece. If adjust the framework and ranke of spray gun, it will work well for any kinds of products.

Problems about cascada.

We have a client meet problems with his old spray gun now. He bought our powder coating machine COLO-600 in two year ago, recently he said his gun have problems, he can not adjust the voltage , so we thought because of the problem of cascada. But when received the new casada sitll have probelm. first we need to clean the guy body, second we can change this cascada in other gun to test if it is problem really from cascada. We are not afriad the problems, we just want to know where is problem! 

How to choose the suitable machines for my job?

1) Which model should I choose?According to your product shapes ,for example it is complex workpieces or simple product to choose the machine function, for example colo-500star compare with other higher price equipment ,it not so good when spray the corner or do recoating Or when spray specially metallic powders ,but for mostly work the colo-500star do Good job too.and according to the coating job details for example need to change colors often or only few colors to choose the box feed unit or hopper feed unit ,and choice the hopper size 2)Why some other company supply machine with cheaper prices ? Different machine function ,different grade parts choosed ,machine coating job quality or Lifetime will be different3)I do not know I should choose colo-800D series or colo-660 serise ?Form our testing results and feedbacks from user ,this models both do good job In different shapes coating ,though the colo-660 with extral pulse power function But the coating quality it is mostly up to the uA and Kv matching ,so the coating quality it is similar ,in USA colo-660 more popular but in other market colo-800 more popular ,in otherwords this is not big different models ,you can choose anyone as you like 4)Why colo-500star and colo-500PGC1 it is big different in prices?Colo-500-PGC1 it is used important famous Italy brand parts ,and the technical dataKeep same with original gema units ,though this is old model ,but this is durable and high-quality for different coating jobs5)The machine can work in 110v or 220v?We exported into more than 80 countries ,so we can supply 110v or 220v working voltage ,when you order you just tell us which you want ,it will be ok 6)how to pay ? we accept the paypal ( but credit card not accepted),western union ,bank transfer ,money gram.7)how to delivery? By sea for big order ,by courier for small order ,by airlines 8)it is safe to order from COLO?Yes, 100% sure you are safe to order from us ,we exported into more than 80 countries ,and in many countries we have agents or Distributors and we are The famous factory in the powder coating equipmen in china .9)how about the Warranty?Because of quality problem we supply free replacement included the shipping cost within one year according to the problem photo with series number.Any question please use online service or contact our sales staff by email !Colo supply kinds of manual or auto powder coating equipment and spare parts for different brand powder guns ,more details please visit: www.hi-colo.com

Difference of 1006 845.

We have two type for spare parts 1006 845. when you make order,  please show me which one. thankyou.

powder coating problem

when you powder coating job meet the above photo problem  you should pay attention to the  the fllow  :1) the surface it is too thin ,the thickness of powder coating it is not good 2) when you change the colors ,the wrinke powder painting and smooth  powder coating mixed 3) check the metal surface if it still exit the oil or not suggestion for the powder coating machine operation : when you do the powder coating ,please closed the close the atomization adjutment  on the control unit .if you meed any problem during the powder coating ,please contact with us we can solve all your problem regarding to the powder coating ,powder coating machine or spray booth ,or curing oven .

Powder Coating Principle of Operation

                                    The electrostatic application of powder coating to a partbegins with fluidization. Fluidization is a process wherepowder being sprayed mixes with compressed air,enabling it to be pumped from a container and supplied tothe spray guns. The powder flow is regulated by controllingthe air supplied to the pump. The powder supplied tothe spray gun is charged using either a corona or tribocharginggun. Charged powder moves to the groundedworkpiece with the help of air supplied to the guns andthe airflow in the booth.When the powder particles come close to the part, anelectrostatic attraction between the charged powder particlesand the grounded part adheres powder to the part.The coated part then passes through an oven and iscured. The oversprayed powder is contained within anenclosure and drawn into the primary filter cartridges by acentrifugal fan. Circulating air, now free of powder, is dischargedthrough high-efficiency final filters into the plantas clean air. The primary filter cartridges are periodicallyreverse-pulsed to remove oversprayed powder. The powderis then sieved and supplied back to the guns to provideextremely efficient material for use again. A simple diagramshowing how this process works is shown in Figure

how to choose powder coating gun

Dear sirs, hello,I am interested in buying a powder coating gun to start powder coating parts. I will be coating wheels, brake calipers and car parts. I need a kit that can change colours fast as i will be painting different colors.What is the best for my application and what is the price of it?Answer from COLO--Sally:colo-660v is good choose for low  budget ,this is Economic models ,it with pulse function ,helpful when do the recoating these jobs compare with the other common powder coating machine ,it is sell very well ,and my user are do car rim ,wheels too ,from the feedbacks of clients it is satify them too .and it is box feed unit for fast colors changes.Also colo-800V Hopperless Powder Coating Unit utilizes a sturdy vibratory table stand and motor to provide quick powder changes using your request  Intelligent control unit supply super quality of coating .But this is a larger packager and higher cost compare colo-610v model.Also if you looking for best powder coating quality ,do not care much for the cost ,you can choose the colo-151V this is perfect powder coating system ,it can meet you all coating job needs.For absolutely maximum turnaround efficiency, this unit takes in powder directly fromthe shipping box. To change colors, just change boxesUp to 20 coating programs can be stored in the OptiStar control unit,which includes also 3 preset standard programs. They are perfectly confi guredto coat fl at parts, complicated parts, recoat parts and can be easily selected via the display pilot.

why powders can not stick on the workpieces?

We usually get the questions of client about this problems. 1.An output voltage is too low : Adjust the output voltage 2. air pressure is too large: Adjust the air pressure 3 piece rust is not complete: Thoroughly cleaning the surface 4. piece grounded bad: Check the workpiece

powder coating gun price

if you want to know the powder coating gun price, please sent email to hicolo@colourspray.com  we will sent the offer list with powder coating gun models ,technical data and Technical Parameters and prices rate detail ,also you can visit www.colourspray.com for online service .Electrostatic spraying process advantages compared with the traditional painting is evident, its role in environmental protection is far more than the traditional process, due to the development of the technology in  a short time, so the majority of users know it's not much, For the choice of the gun is also prone to error. Select the  electrostatic powder gun what you need to pay attention ?The gun voltage it is not the first choice of gun, voltage as high as possible??, electrostatic voltage is too high, likely to cause ignition gunpoint, so easy to damage the surface of the workpiece Secondly, the workpiece n be simple  powder gun can be choose  cheap gun? because of poor performance on the state of the powder gun control is not good enough, not enough uniformity, good electrostatic powder spray gun to accelerate the utilization of improved work efficiency, thus effectively control of costs. Finally,  large amount of gun powder  output it is good gun ?. Gun flour excessive, will certainly affect the uniformity of the powder, causing the workpiece surface coating thickness is inconsistent. These matters are of electrostatic spray gun of choice in the need to pay attention, good performance spray gun can not only save costs, but also to improve the efficiency of work.