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What is diameter of the LPG tank to Burner?

Today we got a question from our client, who talking about the diameter of LPG tank to burner.

Type of the conveyor Chain

Type of the conveyor Chain.

Automatic powder coating applications plant

Powder coating is a completely dry finishing technique used on thousands of consumer and industrial goods. The automotive and maritime industries, appliance makers, architects, and builders all rely on powder coating for its decorative and protective properties, which include a lustrous shine, outstanding color selection, and a durable, long-lasting finish.Automatic powder coating planta is more and more popular in the industrial such us metal finishing for car rim, LGP tank, furniure and so on.- Auto Application- Motorcycle Application- Bicycle Application- Offroad & Racing Application- Wrought Iron Application- Patio Furniture Application- Industrial & Architectural ApplicationA complete plant include the automatic pre tratement,spray booth(powder coating machines, reciprocator, powder sieve machines), tunnel curing ovens, conveyor systems. 

Semi auto powder coating plant.

Semi auto powder coating plant, use the manual powder coating systems,but with a overhead conveyor systems.1. Manual powder spray booth2. Manual coating systems3. Overhead conveyor systems,  4. powder curing oven

Manual finishing application plant

A simple Manual finishing application plant include these mainly equipments:1.Manual powder coating booth, generally are the small size spray booth, more or less from 1 meter to 4 meters with the cartridge filters, the benefit of this type is change color more easy and quick, and the complete boot ocuppy small space, easy to operation.2.powder cure ovens, especially the batch curing oven with the similar or bigger size of the booth, it can be powered by electric or GAS, LPG, also easy to use. some times it can be made with 2 doors on the both end with the trolley through the oven. Generally these ovens longer under 6 meters. 3.Manual coating systems. a complete the machines include the contron unit, spray gun,powder hopper and trolley which moving the any place which you want. If you need change more colors in one day, also you can choose the boxfeed model,that is to day vibratory with the original powder cartons.More questions,you can send us by email. 

Type of Powder coating plant

Type of Powder coating plant. we specializes in offering quality powder coating plant, which meets the requirement of different customers. that is to say dry painting line.1. Automatic powder coating plantAll of working project are drived by the overhead conveyor systems, include the automatic spray booths,reciprocator,  tunnel curing ovens ,sometimes with the pre-tratement systems.2.Semi-auto powder coating plantSame as above with the tunnel curing oven with overhead conveyor transportation systems, but use the manual powder coating spray booth, this is suitable for some lower production finishing plant.3. Manual powder coating plant.That is to say the the box spray booth with a batch curing oven, working easily and change color rapid.

Solutions of powder coating ?

Powder coating is dusting equipment (electrostatic spray dryer) the powder coating is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece, under the effect of electrostatic, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, to form a powder coating film.Powder coating through the high temperature baked leveling curing, into a varying results. Powder coating spray effect in the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance... superior to the painting process, also the cost is lower than the painting tecnology.

powder coating line price

If you want to buy  electrostatic powder spraying  line , provide these data we can recommend the most appropriate solution for you. 1, powder coating typical workpiece Name Size (length, width, height), the proportion, shape (see sketch): 2, If you have identified a hanging manner, the workpiece size of the largest comprehensive data to inform will hang after :( length, width, height) 3, the workpiece material (such as zinc iron, aluminum-based) 4, the workpiece need to spray parts of the coating film thickness: 5, the production line chain speed (min / m): 6, coating line plant shape, size and height 7, if the yield is small, Ihope the use of pipeline continuous spraying and baking methods, or separate baking spray and batch mode? 8, production line configuration and grade: A, the highest possible degree of automation, looks to be beautiful on the grade, the device according to the highest requirements of configuration; B, in quantity and quality to meet the requirements of the premise, device configuration as economical and practical; C, the device configuration interface between the A, B.

why powder coating Poor adhesion

why poor adhesion of powder coating and how to solve ?1) dirty or poor substrate pre-treatment :Check the pre-treatment equipment and pre-treatment solution 2) not fully cured coating :Enhance the cure temperature or cure time 3 )thick coating: Reduce static voltage or shorten the time to reduce spray coating thickness 4 )substrate thickness or type of change :Associated with suppliers

how to solve the color deviation in the powder coating 

Reasons and solutions:Color deviation:   (1) caused by the uneven distribution of the powder paint. The solution is to improve the quality of the powder to ensure that the powder L, a, b or less and negative unity.   (2) caused by different curing temperatures. The solution is to control the set temperature and the conveyor speed in order to maintain the consistency and curing temperature and time stability of the workpiece.   (3) result in uneven coating thickness. The solution is to adjust the process parameters and ensure powder coating equipment running well in order to ensure a uniform coating thickness is consistent